Morocco weather: Relatively hot weather on Tuesday

Here is the weather forecast established by the General Directorate of Meteorology for Tuesday April 23, 2024:

-Relatively hot weather in the extreme South and South-East of the country.

-Low clouds and foggy formations in the morning over the North-West of the Southern provinces and the Gharb.

  • Temporarily cloudy skies with drops of rain over the High and Middle Atlas, the Rif and the South of the Oriental.

-Local dust removal in the South of the Oriental, the South-East and the Saharan provinces.

-Locally quite strong wind gusts in the Tangier region, the central plains and in the extreme south.

-Minimum temperatures of around 04/10°C in the High and Middle Atlas, the Rif and the Oriental, 13/19°C in Chiadma, the Souss, the Anti-Atlas, the Saharan provinces and the extreme South-East and 08/14°C everywhere else.

-Daily temperatures rising across the country.

-Beautiful to slightly rough seas in the Mediterranean and on the Strait, as well as mild to rough seas along the Atlantic coast.

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