Hamza Al-Tilmisani to Fez News: Al-Bijidi in Fez tomorrow is ready with all its forces to besiege election corruption

Hamza Al-Tilmisani
Regional Secretary of the Youth for Justice and Development in Fez:

Today, the Justice and Development Party in Fez concludes its campaign, which was known for its success and great popular support, as the residents of the city of Fez are always accustomed to, and enters with great recruitment and mobilization for the election day tomorrow, Tuesday.

Praise be to God, as usual, we were able to cover the voting offices with 100% of the party’s male and female activists, despite the vastness of the district, which includes more than 500 offices.

But in addition to that, the party’s fighters will mobilize tomorrow to confront everyone who wants to use money to buy voters. We will confront them with various means provided by the law, and we have mobilized sufficient logistical and advanced technical means to besiege and expose those who want to play with the will of the residents of Fez. We are certain that the will of the people, if it is free and independent, will prevail. Reasonable and symbols of corruption will be expelled.

In a related context, another candidate from one of the parties in Fez, who preferred to remain anonymous, told Fez News:

“We did not place observers in many polling offices due to the financial burden of the process, and we have full confidence in the Begidi observers inside the voting offices.”

From: Fez News website

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