Scandals Continue in the Fes Elections: 50 Dirhams for a Vote and Extremely Serious Leak – Not Advised for Those Under 18 to Watch (+Video)

Fes News Media recently obtained a controversial leak revealing a case of electoral corruption, where a video clip documents individuals negotiating financial sums in exchange for votes, as part of an electoral campaign targeting the South Fes constituency.

According to preliminary information available, the leaked video shows clear negotiation processes between unidentified individuals and elected officials, where the implicated parties offer tempting financial amounts of 50 dirhams in exchange for votes in the upcoming elections.

This serious leak has raised numerous questions about the integrity and transparency of the electoral process in the city of Fes, which should be based on democratic principles and freedom of choice without influence from financial or personal interests.

Observers of local affairs have indicated that this incident requires immediate intervention from the relevant authorities to ensure the integrity of the electoral process and the application of justice and law without tolerance for any violations.

The same sources have urged the concerned authorities to promptly investigate this matter and take necessary measures to ensure the integrity of the electoral process and protect the rights of citizens to exercise their democratic rights freely and fairly.

Source: Fes News Media

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