Bad news regarding the Schengen visa 2024 raises concern and dissatisfaction among Moroccans

At the beginning of April, offers from “Schengen visa brokers” witnessed a noticeable increase, especially those related to France and Spain. This increased the suffering of Moroccans aspiring to obtain entry visas to Europe.

According to observations received in various Facebook groups dedicated to “Schengen visas,” visa brokers are launching exclusive offers, which have been increasing since the beginning of this month.

Brokers’ offers are mainly focused on France, where there has been a noticeable increase in demand. Many citizens have encountered difficulties in obtaining appointments for visa applications to France.

Many citizens complained in group publications about “the high prices charged by visa brokers,” while the brokers assert that “the prices are reasonable, and obtaining an appointment is guaranteed.”

Consumer protection associations have recorded mounting complaints from citizens regarding visa appointments since the beginning of this month, especially with regard to Spain and France, where obtaining visas has become rare and difficult.

Consumer rights advocates are calling on the Moroccan Ministry of Foreign Affairs to intervene, especially since many citizens want to travel to Schengen countries to visit family, seek medical treatment, or for other purposes. This intervention is considered crucial to provide better conditions for Moroccan students who plan to study abroad after completing their baccalaureate degree.

Correspondence was sent to the consulates of Spain, France, and even Italy, where many Moroccans complained about the difficulty of obtaining visa appointments and the high fees charged by brokers.

Consumer advocates have received complaints from various cities, especially regarding visa deadlines for Spain and France. They have noticed a significant increase in complaints on social media about the activities of middlemen, who put citizens under financial pressure and engage in fraudulent practices.

Consumer rights advocates raise questions about the involvement of European consulates with these brokers, in light of the complaints and ongoing activities of the brokers. They stressed the need for the immediate intervention of the Moroccan Ministry of Foreign Affairs to resolve the situation and facilitate study plans for Moroccan students abroad.

The current situation poses unprecedented challenges for citizens in obtaining visa appointments for Spain, which have escalated since the month of Ramadan. While obtaining a French visa is also becoming more difficult, it is not as severe as the challenges faced by Spanish visas.

From: Fez News website

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