Urgent/ Nahdet Berkane players leave the field after canceling the match against USM Algiers, and the famous company threatens to resort to the judiciary

Players from the Nahdat Berkane team just left the 5 July Stadium a little while ago after their match against the Algerian Union Sportive de la Medina d’Alger was canceled for the semi-finals of the Confederation Cup.

The members of the Nahdat Berkane team decided to leave the 5 July Stadium in order to avoid further complications with the authorities who were holding onto the team’s jerseys.

This match was canceled because the Algerian authorities were holding onto the jerseys of the Nahdat Berkane team, which had a map of the Kingdom of Morocco on them.

In a related context, the famous shirt company Nahdet Berkane sent a warning, through its lawyer, to the President of the Algerian Football Federation, as shown in the document agreed below:

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