A heinous murder shakes Fez..

Crime is often linked to the weakness or absence of appropriate infrastructure, especially public lighting, and there is no evidence
This is due to the murder that took place on Thursday in the Oued Fez El marja area, Zouagha Province, where the burned body of a girl was discovered, in a heinous crime that shook local public opinion.

In the same context, a source from the area’s residents contacted the newspaper and confirmed that many points in the aforementioned neighborhood are considered black inside and out, firstly in terms of the spread of criminal acts, and secondly in terms of the fact that they provide a haven for deviants, those with bad intentions, and drug users, for the reason that public lighting remains almost Non-existent.

The source explained to the newspaper that the fragmentation of Al-Muwahidin near Makro Markets (not far from the place where the body was discovered) where he lives, has almost no public lighting at many points, which makes it easier for the criminals to hide and monitor their potential victims before attacking them.

From our platform, the source directs his call to the competent authorities to expedite the repair of faulty public lighting in the aforementioned neighborhood, to ensure security, physical safety, and property safety for passers-by and residents alike.

From: Fez News website

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