Local authorities launch a campaign to collect stray dogs in the Lower Marjah Zawagha neighborhood to improve the environment and public health

The problem of stray dogs is one of the problems facing many communities, as these dogs pose a threat to public safety and environmental health. In order to address this problem, the local authority in the administrative annex of Oued Fez El-Marjah organized a comprehensive campaign to collect stray dogs in the Marjah-Zouagha-Soula neighborhood, in cooperation with the concerned authorities on Thursday.

This campaign comes within the framework of the continuous endeavor to improve the environment and maintain public health in the community. Through this campaign, local authorities seek to reduce the damage caused by the presence of stray dogs and provide a safe and healthy environment for citizens.

Steps followed in the campaign:

Identifying the targeted areas: The lower Marja Zawagha neighborhood was identified as a main area for implementing the campaign due to the high incidence of stray dogs there.

Coordination with the relevant authorities: Coordination was made with the relevant authorities such as the environmental police and animal welfare societies to ensure the proper implementation of the campaign and respect for the rights of animals.

Awareness and education: Awareness and education campaigns have been launched for citizens about the importance of safely getting rid of stray dogs and the necessity of avoiding dealing with them indirectly.

Safe collection of stray dogs: Safe and humane means were used to collect stray dogs without harming or terrorizing the animals.

Thanks to the efforts of local authorities and the cooperation of the local community, great success has been achieved in collecting stray dogs and improving the local environment. This campaign contributed to enhancing awareness of the importance of caring for animals and maintaining a clean environment.

The campaign to collect stray dogs in the lower Marjah Zawagha neighborhood is an important step towards improving the environment and public health in the community. Everyone must actively participate in these efforts to ensure a safe and healthy environment for all.

From: Fez News website

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