New Local Prison 2 Refutes Former Prisoner’s Claims of “Starving Prisoners”

The administration of New Local Prison 2 has denied the validity of claims made by a former prisoner regarding “starving prisoners,” affirming that these claims are baseless.

This response came in a clarifying statement issued by the prison institution in reference to a video posted by the former prisoner on social media, in which he mentioned “limited quantities for the holiday basket” and “starving prisoners.”

The source explained that the institution worked to implement the provisions of the memorandum regarding the holiday basket, resulting in general satisfaction among the prisoners, as several types of sweets and other food items were allowed according to the applicable regulations.

The administration emphasized the provision of scheduled and necessary meals for the inmates, confirming that no observations or complaints have been recorded in this regard.

Regarding allegations of involvement of institution employees in contraband activities, the administration described these allegations as false, confirming that no employee is involved in such illegal activities.

It pointed out that the former prisoner attempted during his detention to pressure the administration to obtain illegal privileges, and that the strict handling of him according to the law led him to attempt to tarnish the reputation of the institution and its employees.

In conclusion, the administration affirmed its commitment to applying the law to all prisoners without discrimination, while ensuring that they enjoy all their rights, and stated that it will resort to the judiciary against anyone who spreads allegations with the aim of undermining the reputation of the institution and its employees.

Source: Fes News Media

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