Baitas Unveils Allocation of Over 38 Billion Dirhams to Support Prices, Strengthen Social Dialogue, and Support Transportation (Video)

Government Spokesperson Mustafa Baitas affirmed last Thursday that the Akhannouch government is a social government par excellence. He stated that it has worked diligently and devotedly since taking office, under the high directives of His Majesty the King, and remains committed to the same spirit of social work.

In his statements during the weekly press briefing following the government council meeting, Baitas stressed that the government has not neglected its responsibilities in economic files, while at the same time it has not ignored important social issues.

In this context, Baitas pointed to the importance of social protection, asking: “Did our country enjoy this type of social protection before this stage?” He explained that the compulsory basic health insurance system “AMO Solidarité”, which covers treatment costs for more than 10 million Moroccans in public and private hospitals, is a historic achievement for the government at a cost of 10 billion dirhams.

The government spokesperson added that the government has allocated an amount of 25 billion dirhams to support needy social groups this year, emphasizing the government’s unwavering support for any social indicator, including “AMO Solidarité” and other social support programs.

The government official highlighted the government’s efforts in the field of price reduction, referring to the role of the compensation fund and the allocation of 10 billion dirhams to reduce the prices of basic materials, in addition to supporting the transportation sector with an amount of 7 billion dirhams, and improving the health and education system and the investment charter.

Baitas concluded his statement by emphasizing that the government’s efforts to strengthen social dialogue are ongoing, as the cost of social dialogue today has reached 21 billion dirhams. He expressed the government’s continued commitment to negotiating with trade unions to resolve long-standing issues that have persisted over the years.

source : fes news media

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