Residents of Hay Thagat 2 in Fez Unhappy with Deterioration and Lack of Public Lighting Services in the Absence of Any Intervention

Fez News received information via the instant messaging application “WhatsApp” yesterday, Friday, indicating that residents of Hay Thagat 2, Zineq 41 in Fez are living with the deterioration or even lack of public lighting services, which is negatively affecting their daily lives.

According to the initial information available, three neighborhoods in this area are suffering from a lack of public lighting, which exposes their residents to the risk of theft at any time of night.

Some residents, in a message to Fez News, reported that some lights have not been working for three months without any intervention from the responsible authorities, despite their knowledge of the poor situation.

Residents expressed their urgent need to improve and repair public lighting in all the streets of the neighborhood.

The affected residents confirmed that the lack of public lighting has led to an increase in risks such as harassment and theft, which raises concerns for passersby, especially women, girls, the elderly, and children.

Residents called on the concerned authorities to intervene urgently to fix this problem and protect residents from the dangers.

Source: Fez News Media

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