Remarkable Increase in Tourist Numbers Puts Fes on the Map of Distinctive Tourist Destinations

Recent figures have shown a notable increase in the number of tourists visiting the city of Fes earlier this month, reflecting the growing attractiveness of this historical city as a leading domestic and international tourist destination.

According to a statement by an official from the Fes-Meknes region, this increase is attributed to a variety of factors, including the continuous efforts made by local authorities in collaboration with royal projects and initiatives. These projects contribute to the development of tourist infrastructure and the enhancement of services available to tourists.

He added that thanks to these joint efforts, Fes has become a distinctive tourist destination appreciated worldwide, and these collaborative efforts contribute to boosting the local economy and providing job opportunities.

Royal projects in the area play a key role in developing tourist infrastructure and enhancing services available to tourists, thereby attracting more visitors and enriching their tourist experience.

These positive figures reflect the efforts made to enhance the tourism sector in the city of Fes and improve the services provided to tourists, enhancing its status as one of the prominent tourist destinations in the region.

Source: Fes News

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