Cafe Protests in Merinids District: Elected and Security Authorities Open Communication Channels

After days of tension, cafes in the Merinids area have returned to their usual calm, as the district’s president managed to calm the situation following a constructive dialogue session that brought together cafe owners and security authorities.

The session focused on the security authorities’ assurance that there is no discrimination in the application of the law to cafes, stressing that their goal is to maintain public security without revoking cafe licenses except in cases of legal violations.

The session ended with an agreement to strengthen cooperation between cafe owners and security authorities to make cafes a safe public space. A roadmap for future cooperation was also developed to improve security and maintain stability in the area.

A source stressed that any cafe that violates the operating conditions will receive a first warning, and if repeated, a second warning will be issued. In case of continued non-compliance with the operating conditions, a temporary closure decision will be taken, and the cafe must commit in writing to respecting the operating conditions of its license before resuming operations.

A security source for Fes News emphasized that the goal is not to kill the activities of these cafes but to help them become a safer place. He added that these cafes play an important role in economic and social life and must be taken into account and need specific legal texts to regulate them.

Many cafe owners in the area expressed their satisfaction with the outcomes of the participatory dialogue.

Source: Fes News Media

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