Reports: Explosions in Iran and US Officials Confirm They Resulted from an Israeli Strike

Multiple sources reported today, Friday, a series of explosions in various areas of central Iran, with increasing accusations that they resulted from Israeli strikes targeting sensitive facilities within the country.

American officials considered these explosions as a response to the missile and drone attacks launched by Iran on Israel last weekend, in a strategically unprecedented move.

Despite these claims, the Iranian news agency “Tasnim,” citing informed sources, stated that there has been no confirmation of an external attack on the country, raising doubts about the credibility of international narratives regarding the incident.

Tehran announced three explosions near a military base in Qahjarestan, amidst confirmations from the official “Fars” agency that the nuclear facilities in Isfahan remain completely safe and have not suffered any damage, according to the International Atomic Energy Agency.

Meanwhile, Iran witnessed aerial defense movements over several cities, but according to “IRNA” agency, no major damages were recorded as a result of these activities.

On the other hand, flights resumed at Tehran’s airports on Friday morning, according to “IRNA.”

While American media outlets circulated reports indicating that Israel carried out the strike, sources close to the matter and a US official revealed that the United States did not participate in this operation and did not approve it in advance.

In a related context, the US Embassy in Israel issued warnings to its employees and their families to reduce movement within the country amid escalating tensions between the two sides.

These developments come in the context of Israeli threats to retaliate against the attack that targeted it by Tehran last weekend, following the attack attributed to Israel against its consulate in Damascus, which resulted in casualties.

Source: Fes News Media

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