Amid the Absence of 225 Deputies, the House of Representatives Completes Its Structure and Elects New Office Members for the Remaining Term of the Eleventh Legislative Mandate

In a plenary session held yesterday, Thursday, the House of Representatives elected the new members of its office for the remaining period of the current legislative term.

This decision came after voting on a single list announced by the Speaker of the House, Rachid Talbi Alami.

The plenary session was organized to complete the structures of the council, based on an agreement between the Speaker of the House and the heads of parliamentary blocs to select candidates for membership of the office.

The session was held in accordance with the provisions of the constitution and the internal regulations, starting at four o’clock in the afternoon.

The list announced by the Speaker of the House included the names of candidates who received the support of 163 parliamentarians, with 7 votes canceled. Among the new members, Mohammed Essabari was elected as the first deputy for the Authenticity and Modernity Party, Abdessamad Qiuoh as the second deputy for the Independence and Equality Party, and Idriss Echtaibi as the third deputy for the Socialist Union of Popular Forces.

Additionally, during the session, the House of Representatives elected Mohammed Ouzine as the fourth deputy president for the Labor Party, Mohammed Joudar as the fifth deputy president for the Constitutional Democratic Rally, Nadia Tahami as the sixth deputy for the Progress and Socialism Party, and Zeina Adhli as the seventh deputy for the National Rally of Independents, in addition to electing Mohammed Ghiyat as the seventh deputy president for the National Rally of Independents.

In the same parliamentary session, Mohammed El Hamouti and Tarik Al-Qadri were elected as auditors for the council for the Authenticity and Modernity Party and the Independence and Unity Party, respectively, while Nadia Bouzindofa, Marwa Al-Ansari, and Mubarak Ahmiya were chosen as secretaries for the council for the aforementioned blocs.

It is worth noting that the council re-elected Rachid Talbi Alami as its president during a plenary session held on the occasion of the opening of the second session of the eleventh legislative year, after the absence of 225 deputies.

Source: Fes News Media

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