Coffee Prices Rise Suddenly in Cafes, Sparking Customer Anger

Coffee and beverage prices have suddenly increased in cafes in several Moroccan cities, immediately after Eid al-Fitr.

According to customers and industry professionals, the increase ranged between one and two dirhams, causing great dissatisfaction among consumers, especially regular cafe patrons.

In a press statement, Abderrahim Brahim, a member of the National Office of the National Union of Cafe and Restaurant Owners in Morocco, confirmed that the union has not issued any official instructions regarding an increase in beverage prices.

Mr. Brahim explained that “the union is fully aware of the rule of law in the country and does not interfere in the internal affairs of professionals. Each cafe owner has the right to set the price of beverages in his own establishment, taking into account criteria such as location and quality offered.”

He added: “These increases, imposed by some cafe owners, are patchwork solutions to face the difficulties that the sector has been suffering from for many years, and will not save it from the crises it faces.”

In response to statements by the President of the Competition Council, who considered the increase illegal, Mr. Brahim said: “It would be more appropriate for the President to shed light on the exorbitant increases in the prices of essential goods such as fuel and food, which have exceeded 50%, instead of focusing on a cup of coffee, which is considered a luxury rather than a necessity.”

He pointed out that cafes and restaurants are closely linked to the purchasing power of ordinary citizens, and that many of these establishments have recently closed their doors, leading to the dismissal of a large number of workers.

Mr. Brahim called on the government to intervene to save this vital sector, which is a cornerstone of the Moroccan economy.

Source: Fes News Media

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