Actress Karima Ghaith will face these legal consequences if suspicion of insulting a policeman at Marrakesh Airport is proven.

Abderrazak Kouti, a lawyer in Marrakech, has revealed the potential punishment that artist Karima Gouit could face if she is found guilty of insulting a police officer. According to Kouti, if the Moroccan artist is convicted, she could be prosecuted under Article 263 of the Penal Code. This article stipulates a prison sentence ranging from one month to one year and a fine ranging from 250 to 5000 dirhams for anyone who insults a member of the judiciary, a public official, or a current chief or agent of the public force.
Increased Sentence
Our lawyer also mentioned that the sentence could be extended to two years of imprisonment if the insult was accompanied by physical violence.
Legal Proceedings
It is important to note that Karima Ghaith appeared before the prosecutor at the First Instance Court of Marrakech on Thursday morning, following accusations of insulting a police officer at the Marrakech airport.

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