Tourist claims to be blackmailed by fake guide in Fes Medina, police arrest suspect

Police in Fes have arrested a 42-year-old man suspected of extortion, fraud, and impersonation, following a video posted on social media by a foreign tourist alleging that she was exploited by a fake guide in the Fes Medina.

According to a statement from the General Directorate of National Security, cybercrime units identified the video, which showed the tourist claiming to have been taken advantage of by a person posing as a guide in the old city of Fes. After investigations, the suspect was identified and arrested.

The suspect is being held in custody at the request of the competent judicial authorities, to investigate the circumstances of the incident and determine any potential responsibilities related to this case.

The incident highlights the importance of tourists being vigilant and only using authorized guides when visiting the Fes Medina. Tourists can verify the authenticity of guides by checking for identification badges and contacting their hotel or tour operator for recommendations.

Source: Fes News Media

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