Ceuta: Hundreds of Moroccan minors storm the occupied enclave and the far right screams conspiracy

After months of relief, the rate of arrival of Moroccan minor migrants to the Ceuta enclave has intensified. According to the latest data, 300 young Moroccans reached the coast of Spiti by swimming.

The Sabti enclave will be raided by Moroccan migrant minors. This is the alarming message launched by circles close to the Spanish far right. According to the latest official census, about 300 young Moroccan candidates for immigration arrived in Ceuta via the sea docks. Local media reported that the ages of the new arrivals ranged between 16 and 17 years. There are many calls on social media to expel them to their countries of origin.

According to Spanish law, unlike adult migrants who can be returned when their place of origin is certified, minors cannot be returned. They will now be placed under the supervision of the autonomous region from which they arrived on Spanish territory.

Enclave officials believe they are unable to care for these young people in the two shelters, which have greatly exceeded their capacity.

Therefore, in the name of regional solidarity, the President appealed to the central administration, demanding its intervention so that the rest of the autonomous regions would take these new immigrants under their wing.

The mass arrival of Moroccan immigrants was always treated as a matter of internal security, whether in Melilla or Ceuta!

According to the latest figures, the president received 560% more miners during this fiscal year than in the first quarter of 2023. At that time, only 43 young Moroccan minors were able to reach the enclave during the period from January to March.

As usual, extreme leftist circles were quick to delve into this issue to spread their venom on Morocco, accusing it of committing all the mistakes and even of “negative collusion” to harm the enclave. Video clips began circulating on social media about caring for Moroccan youth with the aim of embarrassing the government of Pedro Sanchez, who continues to praise the efforts made by the Kingdom to confront migration flows.

From: Fez News website

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