Fes-Meknès Traditional Industries Chamber Objects and Rejects Algeria’s Nomination of Zellige as Intangible Heritage for UNESCO (Photos)

The Traditional Industries Chamber of the Fez-Meknès region has expressed its strong rejection and protest against Algeria’s nomination of “Zellige” to the list of intangible heritage of UNESCO, considering it “shameful practices” and “piracy” of Moroccan national heritage.

During its meeting on Tuesday, April 16, 2024, the Chamber’s Bureau studied this issue in line with the denunciation petition signed by representatives of craft cooperatives, professional associations, and traditional Zellige craft companies in Fez.

The Bureau stressed that the traditional Zellige craft is one of the most important Moroccan crafts, practiced by tens of thousands of traditional craftsmen, especially in the city of Fez, which is famous for its Fez Zellige.

The Bureau added that “the export of this product occupies the top position,” which refutes Algeria’s claims that this craft is practiced only on its territory.

The Bureau considered Algeria’s nomination of the file of skills and knowledge related to Zellige to UNESCO “a misguided nomination that is not based on any historical foundations.”

The Bureau called for “mobilizing all government institutions, media, and civil society organizations” to counter this nomination, stressing that Morocco “is more deserving of this nomination and recognition” because it has “all the elements and guarantees that qualify it to nominate this heritage element for world classification.”

The Bureau called for “the continuation of our country’s production, marketing, and preservation of this historical heritage and the passing on of its knowledge to future generations.”

source : fes news media

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