Police Officer Attacked from Behind with a White Weapon in Asilah / Police End Drug Trafficking Gang’s Adventure

Today, Thursday, police officers in the city of Asilah arrested 3 people, including two brothers, on suspicion of their involvement in a case of drug trafficking, non-compliance, and causing serious injuries to a police officer while he was performing his duties.

Details of the Security Operation

According to a statement from the General Directorate of National Security, police officers assigned to the traffic control checkpoint at the entrance to the city of Asilah stopped a person wanted in drug cases. While he was undergoing preventive inspection and handcuffing procedures, his brother, who was accompanying him in the car, attacked an excellent police inspector from behind using a white weapon and subjected him to physical assault.

The immediate security intervention resulted in the arrest of the two suspected brothers, in addition to their third companion who was driving the car. The white weapon used to commit this crime was also seized.


The injured police officer was taken to Mohammed V Hospital in Tangier for the necessary treatment, while the three suspects were subjected to the judicial investigation procedures ordered by the competent public prosecutor’s office to reveal all the details and backgrounds that prompted them to commit these crimes.

Source: Fes News Media

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