The crash of an Algerian MI-24 helicopter raises more questions: Is it a score-settling or corruption in the military establishment of the cabins

Local sources said that a helicopter crash occurred in Algeria involving an MI-24 helicopter. The Algerian authorities remained silent about the number of victims, their names and ranks.

It is noteworthy that incidents of military aircraft crashes of various types occur frequently among the rulers of Al-Muradiya Palace.

This is mostly due to poor maintenance and training, and a lack of spare parts, which was confirmed by a gendarme currently detained in his videos in which he exposed the control wheels of the Algerian military establishment and the rampant corruption in it, which cost him his freedom.

On the other hand, Algerian military aircraft accidents may be means of physical liquidation, used by rival factions in the Algerian army, especially with the approaching date of the presidential elections.

From: Fez News website

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