PAM activists choose who will represent them in the House of Representatives office

A meeting of the parliamentary team of the Authenticity and Modernity Party was held this morning, Wednesday, April 17, 2024, chaired by Mr. Ahmed Tawizi, to discuss preparations for the special plenary session to complete the structures of the House of Representatives.

After extensive discussions, Mr. Tawizi was chosen as the head of the team, due to the serious efforts he exerted during the previous term.

It was agreed to submit the names of the candidates for the structures of the council and the two committees to the Political Bureau to make the necessary decisions. After studying the matter by the collective leadership of the General Secretariat and the Political Bureau, Mr. Mohammed Sabbari was chosen as the first deputy speaker of the House of Representatives, Mr. Mohammed Al-Hamouti as the council’s accountant, and Ms. Nadia Bzandfa as the council’s secretary.

As for the chairmanship of the two permanent committees, Mr. Mohammed Oudmin was chosen to chair the Internal Committee, and Mr. Mohammed Al-Hajira to chair the Public Financial Monitoring Committee.

Source : fes news media

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