Minister of Agriculture in the House of Councilors Unveils Measures and Preparations Planned for Eid al-Adha + (Video)

Minister of Agriculture, Fisheries, Rural Development, Water and Forests, Mohammed Sadiki, announced a 9% increase in precipitation rates in Morocco compared to last year, reaching 224 mm by April of this current year.

However, this rate remains 27% lower than the average for a normal agricultural year (average of the past 30 years).

Regarding the water reservoir stock allocated for agricultural use, it reached only 31%, equivalent to 4.3 billion cubic meters, compared to 32% during the past year.

This situation, according to Minister Sadiki, indicates a decline in the share of irrigation in large irrigation districts, where it does not exceed 680 million cubic meters during the current agricultural season.

300 million cubic meters of this share have been consumed since the beginning of the year, noting that the irrigable area in large irrigation districts does not exceed 400 thousand hectares out of 800 thousand hectares, a decrease of 44%.

Source : fes news media

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