Minister of Agriculture Reveals Akhannouch Government’s Preparations for Eid al-Adha

Agriculture and Fisheries Minister Mohamed Sadiki announced yesterday, Tuesday, the government’s approval to import 600,000 heads of subsidized sheep, as part of preparations for the blessed Eid al-Adha.

In response to oral questions in the Council of Advisors, the Minister explained that the government is ready “if necessary” to raise the number to one million heads of sheep, in order to ensure the availability of red meat at reasonable prices for citizens during this religious occasion.Mr. Sadiki affirmed that the support for the import of sheep is aimed at preserving the national herd and meeting the increasing demand for red meat, especially during Eid al-Adha, pointing out that the government has set strict criteria for selecting importers, in order to ensure the quality of imported sheep and protect the consumer.The government had previously announced the provision of a grant of 500 dirhams for each head of imported sheep, in order to encourage imports and cover the needs of the national market. This grant is available to companies and investors who import 1,000 heads of sheep or more.It is worth noting that the National Office of Cereals and Pulses has established a mechanism to support the import of sheep during the period from March 15th to June of next year.This mechanism sets the total number of the targeted herd at 300,000 heads, distributed to importers qualified to receive the grant provided by the National Office of Cereals and Pulses.These government measures come within the framework of efforts made to ensure the availability of red meat at reasonable prices for citizens during Eid al-Adha, in light of the rising prices of feed and production costs.

source : fes news media

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