Exploitation of Mosque Pulpits for Incitement Against Family Code Amendment Leads Minister of Awqaf to Accountability!

Parliamentarian Fatima Tamanie, representing the Democratic Left Federation, called on the Minister of Awqaf and Islamic Affairs, Ahmed Toufik, to take decisive measures to confront the inciting rhetoric that exploits some mosque pulpits against demands to amend the Family Code.

Tamanie expressed her concern in a written question addressed to the minister about the escalating intensity of speeches opposing the amendment of the Family Code, especially those promoted through mosque pulpits, considering it an unacceptable exploitation of mosques and exploitation of religion for political purposes.

Tamanie pointed out that “the debate surrounding the Family Code and the expected amendments has brought forth confrontational and hostile statements from affiliates of the Islamic trend against rights and political activists advocating for a modern vision that solidifies the values of equality.”

The parliamentarian considered it “astonishing that mosque pulpits are being exploited on a religious occasion to incite against this group.”

Tamanie warned that “these statements could spread further extremist discourse in Morocco,” questioning Minister Toufik about “the measures taken by the ministry to confront this radical rhetoric, especially in mosque pulpits and prayer halls.”

Tamanie’s demand comes at a time when the step to review the Family Code in Morocco enjoys significant support from various rights and women’s groups, while others, especially conservative currents, oppose it.

Prime Minister Aziz Akhannouch received the final report of the committee tasked with reviewing the Family Code at the end of March last year, during its presentation, intending to submit it to King Mohammed VI.

Opinions among stakeholders regarding the review of the Family Code, its references, principles, and priorities, vary depending on their positions, backgrounds, aspirations, and proposals.

The Moroccan Family Code is one of the most important laws regulating family relations in the country, first enacted in 2004.

Source: Fes News

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