Due to the incomplete renewal of structures, the oral question session at the House of Representatives today has been postponed

The weekly oral question session at the House of Representatives, scheduled for today, Monday, has been postponed due to the incomplete renewal of structures coinciding with the midpoint of the current legislative term.

The House has set the day after tomorrow, Wednesday, as the date for the Prime Minister to present the midterm balance sheet. The parliamentary session has been postponed until the completion of the election of its remaining bodies, including the election of members of the first chamber bureau after renewing confidence in Rachid Talbi Alami to continue as President of the House for the remainder of the legislative term.

The postponement comes amid internal disputes within parliamentary factions over positions of responsibility in the House of Representatives. Some factions, especially the opposition, have not been able to finalize their candidates due to the large number of requests from their parliamentarians to take on roles in the House’s bodies.

Majority factions tend to retain the same names representing them in the House of Representatives’ bureau and permanent parliamentary committees, with the possibility of some minor changes. However, there is concern within the House that the escalating conflict between opposition components over the presidency of the permanent committees, especially the Committee on Justice, Legislation, and Human Rights, may hinder the completion of structural renewal and subsequently delay the start of the House’s activities during the spring session of parliament.

Source: Fes News

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