Russian Foreign Ministry: “Iranian Attack on Israel Was in the Context of Self-Defense”

When Western countries, led by the United States, declared their support for Israel after the Iranian missile and drone attack, international reactions varied. However, last Sunday, the Russian Foreign Ministry affirmed that the Iranian attack on Israel was within the framework of self-defense, citing Article 51 of the United Nations Charter.

Statements from the Russian Foreign Ministry indicated that the attack, which occurred on the night of April 14, included the launch of a large number of missiles and drones at Israel. It confirmed that this response was in reaction to attacks on Iranian targets in the region, including the attack on the consulate section of the Iranian embassy in Damascus on April 1.

The Russian Foreign Ministry expressed strong displeasure with this stance, asserting that the Western members’ support for Israel hindered the ability of the UN Security Council to respond appropriately to the attack on the Iranian consulate.

In its statements, the Russian Foreign Ministry expressed grave concern about any potential further escalation in the region, warning that the failure to reach solutions to the entrenched crises in the Middle East, including the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, would increase tensions in the region.

The Russian Foreign Ministry called on all concerned parties to exercise restraint, emphasizing the importance of resolving the region’s lingering problems through political and diplomatic means.

Source: Fes News

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