Solidarity Statement with Colleague Redouane Al Ramdani, the Prominent Journalist, in the Face of a Card Distorted by the Council and Distributed to Social Media Mercenaries

We, the journalists and media professionals of Fes News and My Country’s Press, the undersigned, express our full solidarity with our distinguished colleague journalist Redouane Al Ramdani in the face of the cheap attempts that target him and mock his professional reputation.

In the world of media, where the values of the profession and the integrity of professional conduct should be respected, we must stand strong against all impostors who seek to undermine the reputation of our colleagues and distort their professional image in disgraceful and unacceptable ways.

We appreciate the contributions of our colleague Al Ramdani in the media field and affirm his right to practice his profession freely and independently, without being subjected to personal attacks or unjustified defamation.

We call on the National Council for Press to withdraw its recognition of the mercenary YouTuber as a professional journalist and to respect the principles of journalism and the ethics of the profession. We reiterate our commitment to hard and honest work in the service of truth and the public interest.

source : fez news

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