Corporate Forum 2023-2024: A Platform for Communication between Students and Companies at ENCG Fez

ProShare Club in partnership with the National School of Commerce and Management (ENCG) in Fez announces the launch of the 2023-2024 Corporate Forum.

This distinguished event will take place on April 25 and 26, 2024, in the halls of ENCG Fez. It aims to provide networking and knowledge-sharing opportunities between students and leading companies in Morocco.

The Corporate Forum will include a variety of exciting events. On April 25, there will be lectures and interactive workshops. April 26 will be an opportunity for job fairs, company presentations, and direct training opportunities.

The forum aims to strengthen communication between students and companies operating in various sectors, in addition to providing students with the skills and knowledge necessary to enter the labor market with confidence and success.

The forum will be supported by many local and national companies and will receive extensive media coverage from local and national media.

source : fez news

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