Abdelatif Hammouchi Announces Launch of New Generation of Measures to Strengthen Protection of Educational Institutions in Morocco

In a significant move to enhance security and safety around educational institutions, Abdelatif Hammouchi, the Director General of National Security in Morocco, has announced the launch of a new generation of security measures.

This initiative aligns with the directorate’s commitment to reinforcing security and protection in educational areas, ensuring a safe and optimal learning environment for students and teachers alike. The implementation of these enhanced security measures is expected to contribute to bolstering trust in educational institutions and promoting the quality of education nationwide.

Establishment of a Dedicated Unit to Secure Educational Institution Perimeters under Hammouchi’s Supervision

In a further effort to safeguard educational institutions across the country, Abdelatif Hammouchi has announced the establishment of a specialized unit dedicated to securing their perimeters.

This specialized unit will be responsible for securing the surroundings of schools and universities, monitoring suspicious activities in educational areas, and effectively responding to any security incidents or challenges that may arise. The creation of this unit is part of the ongoing efforts to strengthen public security and maintain a stable educational environment in Morocco.

This initiative stands as a testament to Hammouchi’s unwavering commitment to enhancing security and stability in all domains, underscoring his dedication to ensuring the safety of citizens and protecting their right to access education in a secure and appropriate manner.

source : fez news

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