New details regarding Bensouda’s crime..

In the details of the crime that shook the popular Bensouda neighborhood, local resident sources said that the victim was his mother’s only child, a young man who used to trade vegetables on the main street, and he was not one of the suspects.

According to local sources, the suspects were a group of people who attacked the victim’s residence in the Al-Wahda neighborhood in Bensouda yesterday, Saturday, around four o’clock in the afternoon, armed with white weapons and committed the horrific murder.

The sources explained that the neighborhood has become a hotbed for trafficking in junk, especially hallucinogenic pills, which directly causes the user to lose his discrimination and encourages him to commit the most heinous crimes, the most recent of which was the day before yesterday when an association activist was attacked and led to him losing one of his eyes.

It remains to be noted that the reason appears to be related to personal accounts or a conflict between the two parties.

From: Fez News website

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