By royal decree… it is forbidden to slaughter female livestock in this Moroccan city

The Unique Situation in Azemmour City

Azemmour City, located in the El Jadida region of Morocco, stands out for being the only city in the kingdom where the slaughter of cows and sheep is prohibited.

The Reason Behind the Ban

According to some butchers in the city, the reason for this ban is not due to customs and traditions, but rather stems from a royal decree issued decades ago to combat a disease that spread in the region.

The Origin of the Decree

The issuance of this decree dates back to the spread of a disease in the region in the past. It was discovered back then that the treatment for this disease could only be achieved by refraining from eating the meat of cows and sheep.

The Specifics of the Ban

It is now known that the royal decree only imposes a ban on the slaughter of calves and lambs, while completely prohibiting the slaughter of cows and sheep. The main goal of this ban was to expedite the healing process and safeguard the health of the population.

The Impact on Consumers

One of the butchers in the city explained that this ban does not pose any problem for consumers, as there are sufficient quantities of calf and lamb meat available. He emphasized that male meat is known for its high quality and nutritional value, and is sold at reasonable prices.

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