The Marseille court sentences the Algerian Baron Slim Benoib “Le Chacal” to 9 years in prison. He is suspected of residing in Meknes, and this is the story.


Two police officers in Marseille have been sentenced to prison time for aiding a drug trafficker informant in locating a man he suspected of stealing large amounts of cannabis. The officers were found guilty of diverting police files to benefit the informant.

Key Players

The main figure in this case, Salim Benyoub, also known as “The Jackal,” received a nine-year prison sentence and a warrant for his arrest. Benyoub, who was previously convicted in Algeria for drug trafficking, now resides in Meknes, Morocco. He was determined to find Mourad B., whom he believed was involved in the theft of cannabis from him in Val-d’Oise.

Illegal Activities

To locate Mourad B., Benyoub used his connections within the police force, as he was an official informant for the Central Office for the Suppression of Illicit Drug Trafficking (OCRTIS). It is alleged that he obtained information from police files to track down Mourad B. in Marseille, where he enlisted a group to kidnap and detain him.


Sonia Cocouard

Former police officer Sonia Cocouard, 45, was sentenced to three years in prison, with one year suspended, for her involvement in diverting police files and participating in a criminal association to commit kidnapping, detention, and violence. She had a close relationship with Salim Benyoub, with whom she had a sham marriage in exchange for 20,000 euros in 2009. Cocouard frequently shared screenshots of police documents with Benyoub.

Soufiane Ouguayour

Cocouard’s former colleague, Soufiane Ouguayour, was acquitted of participating in a criminal association but received a three-year prison sentence, with 18 months suspended, for diverting files, questionable financial dealings, and insurance fraud committed with Salim Benyoub.

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