Specifying the Locations of Partial Elections in the Fes-Meknes Region

The Fes-Meknes region is preparing to conduct partial elections on the twenty-third of April, which will be witnessed by several provinces within the region. Below is a list of the designated polling locations:

Meknes Province:

  • Municipality of Charqaoua / District 10
  • Municipality of Anzal Beni Amer / District
  • Municipality of Ain Jemaa / District

Taza Province:

  • Municipality of Ajdir / District 5
  • Municipality of Beni Afsen / District 3

Boulemane Province:

  • Municipality of Al Kasabi Mallouya / District 10

In addition, the legislative elections will also include the Southern Electoral District of Fes Municipality.

It is expected that these elections will witness low voter turnout. Local and national authorities are striving to provide a fair and transparent electoral environment, ensuring the organization of the voting process with precision, objectivity, and achieving the principles of free and democratic participation.

According to a source, these elections are considered an opportunity to enhance political legitimacy and reinforce the role of citizens in local decision-making, affirming the importance of democracy in achieving development and stability in the region.

source : Fes News

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