In Oulad Al-Tayeb, you won’t be able to close your eyes..

In a dramatic traffic accident that occurred on Thursday in the Oulad Tayeb community on the outskirts of Fez, a utility vehicle collided with an improperly erected concrete electricity pole in the middle of the public road, causing significant material damage to the car.

The interesting thing is that the electric pole is placed on the road without being compatible with the urban design or preparation and equipment for residential retail, noting, according to local sources, that the condition of this pole is repeated frequently in the community.

It remains to be noted that during the reign of Rachid Al-Fayek, who is currently in prison, the Ouled Al-Tayeb area and the Ould Al-Tayeb community experienced complete chaos in construction, in a way that greatly harmed not only the aesthetics of the area, but also the healthy and decent residential environment, in terms of respecting the applicable standards.

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