Workers of a company in Fez

Workers of a company in Fez complain about unfair dismissal, and the employer explains his point of view

On Thursday, April 11, some workers in Fez held a protest, demanding justice, after being subjected to what they considered arbitrary dismissal from their workshop, without receiving their full entitlements.

According to a source concerned with the matter in a phone call to the newspaper, he worked for approximately 13 years in the aforementioned company, and began to be exposed to abuse and pressure along with his colleagues, after a new company entered the line that was responsible for managing some of the mother company’s work and the workers assigned to it, highlighting the illegality of declaring wages. Workers and the seniority system, in addition to violations of official holidays and weekends, were monitored by the Social Security Audit Committee, according to what the spokesman told the newspaper.

The spokesman explained that the labor inspector summoned the employer twice in a row and he did not appear, except through the judicial commissioner, to suggest that the complainants work for half the wage, but they refused.

The spokesman claimed that the complaining workers are being threatened with fabricated criminal charges against them by two people close to the employer, and that the workers are currently unemployed after they were told in Ramadan to go to rest, without being summoned again… with a proven legal formula.

Out of respect by the newspaper for the ethics of the profession of journalism and publishing, and in compliance with the laws, the newspaper linked the communication to the progress of the company complained of in the matter, so it denied in its entirety that it had worked or was working to dismiss workers arbitrarily, nor that it had subjected them to any pressure or threat. He confirmed, according to what he said, that he paid and is paying them their full dues, including the wages for the last days of Ramadan, even though they did not work on his instructions, and that he contacted them by phone on Wednesday/Thursday night to inform them of the necessity of starting work that night, but they did not They answer his calls, which forced him to leave them news of the matter via an instant messaging application (the workers say that he sent them a WhatsApp message after midnight while they were asleep, on purpose, and they were not able to read the message until the morning, in an attempt to circumvent the law and prove that they Whoever violated their obligations to the company) but did not resume their work.

The company’s director expressed his readiness for the complaining workers to resume work from tomorrow, provided that they justify their absence.

It remains to be noted that the newspaper does not take sides with either party against the other, but rather merely conveys the news and opinions to the various parties.

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