Fez News – Exclusive Report: Accusations Leveled Against Head of Sixth District in Fez Security Directorate for Discrimination in Shisha Café Raids

According to exclusive sources speaking to “Fez News,” the head of the sixth district in the security directorate of Fez faces accusations of discrimination during raids on shisha cafes. The same sources confirmed that under the previous administration supervised by the distinguished officer known as Amin, operations were carried out fairly among all shisha cafes.

The sources explained that these operations, whether discriminatory or not, are conducted using illegal procedures in terms of confiscation.

Preliminary investigations, considered unofficial and subject to change, indicate that the raids were conducted equally under the previous administration. However, matters changed after the head of the sixth district assumed responsibility, revealing discrimination in the execution of operations. These details await further official investigations to determine the accuracy of these claims.

From: Fez News website

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