who are we?

Today, Morocco is taking advanced and pioneering steps in the field of strong, open regionalization, which takes into account the sound royal directives directed at local development in its comprehensive and comprehensive developmental dimensions.

It is not possible to isolate this advanced regional movement that Morocco is experiencing today, without accompanying it with a sober and honorable media campaign that makes professionalism, neutrality, and media professionalism its work bases.

Today, the regional scene is filled with a media product that has not yet lived up to the aspirations of a resident who is skilled at reading and deducing the truth with her keen intuition. The least that can be said about her is that she is eager and thirsty for a strong regional media platform that presents the news as it is without distortion or distortion. The resident deduces the truth from the first lines and possesses intelligence. Insight is what makes it carefully examine and quickly deduce true information from false information.

How not ? It lives in a region known and long for the history of its capital, Fez, the glory of the kings and sultans of its city, Meknes, the legacy of its honorable Berber tribes, the heritage of its cities such as Sefrou, Taza, Taounate, and El Hajeb, and its international tourist areas such as Moulay Yacoub, Ifrane, Sidi Harazem, and others.