Publication terms

Conditions for publication on the Fez News Media website:
We receive dozens of questions every day regarding the terms and conditions of publication on the Fez News Media website, and we would like to inform all those interested that we welcome regional news clippings and contributions that come to us from visitors and members of the website according to the following conditions:

– Send articles in Word format to the email address [email protected]

– The news clippings sent must be brief and relevant to the Fez-Meknes region or Morocco, documented with pictures of the activity, event, or news, and with a real-time, informative impact, and current issues.

– Only news clippings, articles written in Arabic or French, completely free of linguistic and grammatical errors, are accepted.

-Preference is given to news, events and activities that have a local and regional dimension, for the Fez-Meknes region.

-The site does not publish responses that address topics published on other sites.

– The site refrains from publishing the contributions of anyone who discovers that he is publishing articles for others and attributes them to himself, or that they were previously published in the name of another person.

-The site administration refuses to publish materials that do not suit the nature of the site, or that do not meet the conditions mentioned above without responding to the owners or informing them of this via email.

From a technical standpoint, the site management requests all contributors to:

– Choose an appropriate and short title (not more than one line).

– Every participation may be excluded due to many spelling or linguistic errors or its deviation from the editorial line of the site, which is of a direct news nature.

– Every writer of an article or news clipping is responsible for its content, and the site reserves the right to deal with all incoming news and news clippings in terms of modification or cancellation for any reason that appears objective.

very important:

The site is not obligated to respond to all submissions or return them to their owners, nor is it obligated to justify the reasons for not publishing.