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  • SPEED AND PITCH VARIETY: Faster than many other Wiffle ball pitching machines with 6 different speed and distance settings from 35mph to 140mph. This model simulates fastballs, right-handed curveballs, left-handed curveballs, cutters, and sliders. Train on those pitches on variable speed settings from soft toss to high. Optional turbo speed is also an included feature.
  • SMALL BALL TRAINING: Pitching machine feeder holds all 96 included golf ball size mini Wiffle balls for indoor and outdoor use. Aim small, miss small. Batting practice with smaller balls than regular baseballs or softballs hit in a game trains the brain, body and nervous system to zone in on a smaller target, making pitches at game time easier to track and make contact with. IMPORTANT: This machine only pitches golf-ball size Wiffle brand wiffle balls. DOES NOT pitch regular baseballs/softballs.
  • PORTABLE AND DURABLE: Set-up an instant batting cage anywhere, improve hand-eye coordination and train to react to custom pitches and speeds. This pitching machine is lightweight (12 pounds), durable, and portable making it ideal to set up anywhere on the field or off.
  • HITTING TRAINING: React to right-handed and left-handed curveballs as well as fastballs, cutters and sliders. Can throw 3 times as many pitches per interval using the Triple Drop feature. Great for quick reaction bunting, catching drills, receiving drills, and quick sequence visual recognition drills.
  • SPORTS: The MaxBP Pro Pitching Machine is perfect for Baseball, Softball, Lacrosse, Hockey and Cricket. Players from a variety of sports are using this small ball pitching machine to improve their vision training, ball tracking and hand-eye reactions. Baseball hitters, softball athletes, catchers, hockey goalies, lacrosse players and more use small ball training to improve reaction timing to pitches, shots or passes.

Reaction Training Machine Reaction Training Machine Reaction Training Machine Reaction Training Machine Reaction Training Machine Reaction Training Machine Reaction Training Machine

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