1/4 HP 1-1/2" Submersible Sump Pump 115V Tether Algae Scrapers

Algae Scrapers

  • ??10% off: Enter code 833KLAK5 at checkout to save $1.8 on this aquarium magnetic glass cleaner. (End Date: 05/12/2020) ?COMPACT: KEDSUM 5.3" magnet aquarium cleaner can handle for 1/2" - 4/5"(12mm-20mm) thickness of glass, compact and ideal for medium glass, like freshwater/saltwater tanks, grass tanks. ( Recommended for tanks up to 300 gallons)
  • ?FLOATING: Revolutionary magnetic cleaner features floating function, easy to be guided around corners without sinking, no worry of sinking to the bottom of fish tank
  • ?HANDGRIP DESIGN: KEDSUM Floating scrubber features unique handle design, convenient to use, user-friendly design makes people feel relaxed and comfortable when using it
  • ?STRONG MAGNETIC: Powerful magnetic forces control the inside cleaning brush to follow the outside handle. Wipe the outside, the inside is cleaned
  • ?NOTE: Please choose by the thickness of your fish tank glass and not put the cleaner into seawater for a long time to avoid being corroded when not in use. Comes with 1-Year warranty; Any problems with the magnetic glass cleaner you received, please contact us without hesitation

1/4 HP 1-1/2" Submersible Sump Pump 115V Tether

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