America EF-VPC40 Fish Roaster, Metallic Gray Toaster

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  • Zojirushi' s fish roaster has a platinum catalytic filter on lid that reduces up to 90% of smoke and odor components. Platinum is a very efficient catalyst in chemical reactions. By infusing platinum particles in the filter, it allows the filter to chemically decompose odor components into carbon dioxide and water more efficiently. Smoke is also chemically decomposed in a similar way. A catalytic filter itself does not change or easily deteriorate and does not have to be replaced, as opposed to other filters. The roaster also has top and bottom heat reflectors that work in tandem to enhance crispiness. Top and bottom heating elements allow even cooking without flipping foods. The extra wide roasting rack accommodates large fish and meats.
  • Countertop fish roaster
  • Extra wide roasting rack
  • Platinum catalytic filter reduces smoke and odor
  • Top and bottom reflectors enhance crispiness
  • Stainless steel roasting rack directs excess oil and fat away from food

America EF-VPC40 Fish Roaster, Metallic Gray America EF-VPC40 Fish Roaster, Metallic Gray America EF-VPC40 Fish Roaster, Metallic Gray America EF-VPC40 Fish Roaster, Metallic Gray

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